dont worry this server gets strong i can some tricks in tactics u will see in a half yer maybe faster i got my 4 castles started im a to big chaos to be in guild

im ust foathing around my goal is to build up for server war i actually dont want my neigboors as enemys if the developers gave just bit more not kvk but SvS

s tands for server.

blackholse just come in climbs of nowere i  Mostly shown in big mess some are heavier others like there under blackhole is the pulsar "neutronstar"

under that the Star no matter size in if this was the rang system but in iq in humans diffrend sizes but small have gifts bigger not have so on after stars there in the rang

system is the pitty gas but back to blackholes is a mess of informations floating into action of acts in made of thourght putting things together in high velocity spin

of the atom in a brain off all spoken storys of millions of ppl i spoken with i sit put up and down to find whats right and wrong this i put aside oh theres the right answer

so on

but a black hole have a brist even its higest rang it cant rule or sit in positions of power whys it then th ehigest rang bechause what do u think it leads the army

nut not actually it protects the king stay around the king in war some kings better to move others. the blackhole is the commander like kings sends orders players

here need to lokk at there black hole and there job is to protect the blackhole best in total frontal attack blackholes strategies comes floating reacting in

reflexes so u see its like a what is it a sports team teddybear they all like is but they protect that then the bælackhole make sure th eking dont fall if some not many helps

in need mostly sins"assassins" situations

do u know how pulluting it is to make clothes thats a litle word to womans before they by new new new alwasy alltime why were the hippies that dark pulluters they

stopped alot of nuclearplants we just need to evolve we no what to do to thorium !money! that why we dont use that hemp instead of useing low quality oil per hectar

bad palmoil hemp per squarewmeter just gives 46 times more oil meanvile fibers to roabs lst longr alot of normalused today our pants will last 5 years longer cottonjeans

our shirt last forever "money" thats why i hope my children can see the borneoese jungle

elephant before its exteriminated and all rest animals in nature what would they think of us if we removed the elephants away "dad i hate u" os hemp again works over 3500

still raising difrend kind disseases painkiller alot ya medicakl usages

if all on earth start work only half time they do now by start but all there life is in work or study of work u can do that have fun with ur kids son no problems meanvile

hemp and thorium lovers prizes enormeus that things to buy gets better made bechause u dont stress what u work u thinked all off it through in the cool holidays

u get lees worth in coin also lovers prize then we have food foods prize is bechause things destroys way to easy with time quality we cauld with law say alot of

things like lights and i dont remember batteries these small things gives ur thing spower so computers phones light bulbsbut all this wont make any firend our

everyday that u can relax slow i take a nab 5 weeks holiday we dont produce many things bechause they last longer but instead raise the prize u just lover the prize

cause u use food as main economy ruler set to real low prize things even less work and last foreer maybe evolve a bit slower but evolves in quality faster gives out in

the sum thew sam result as today just relaxed foreverlasting products to that day u want to shift to new as u will have to do slower casue programmers get much more

time make finish sytems we use and still use just unfinished in the new systems ya u know nothing rly change but we dont even have to work but what ever u all yourself

want to work on or do were to chaotic choose difrend nearly free prises we still pick chaotic and when all get relaxed 666%more saticfied with there products we get a

fair and happy world bechause we dont get forced up in agnerw all the time of things going wrong bechause its expensive cheap shit

'punchline on punchline not exact same as im never telling the same but sometimes close the same just with whats evolved since the story was mad maybne by u u or u

btw thx for all the money all of you in the world gives me hte closer me i can say in a kind of way the more you pay me ca0.0000000000001dollar at day but u do pay me

whats wrong with my younhood hard rappers suspekt there new album named 100% jesus old member still member tabu records produce rap hiphop in usa earn to much in that now try seach there new album on youtube called suspekt 100%jesus since i and the rest of my generations 79-85 there began a huge movemnt of muslims to europe rly in masses so we seen alot when i was 5 i had never seen others but danes btw my generation 82 was by the danish army question again why are denmark the happiest ppl in the world waas by the danish army still unbeaten the genration with higest iq all over who was the king of that gen maybe u ppl esspiaccially danes need to  begin think alittle something from past not tramnsmuted to a wrong story u builded in ur head thats not true cause that can end the world

or i make u fools bigger than fools before u die to yonger ppl if we reach that far



This domain gonna rock

this world anotherrplace

u gonna say fuck

i feel damn dazed

best wieved on phone or tablet turned short side up and down but art right on pc under 1600*780 resulution

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jeg tror jeg går ind i mit egosocialist hedder partiet for socialsister og egolibsocialix hedder det for liberalsiter de are world wide political parti med en hel ny styre form we want to implant new kind of rule not democracy yees for politicians in the ruling chambers kan jeg jo vise vejen med talens kraft og ånden må vise skæbnes tid i din komlpex af mange løsninger

vise dem social liberal som de ikke kan afslå for staten er udfaset vi sidder lige inde skat nedskæring venstre skal bare vinde næste


bare ind at fortælle hvordan fysikken i cosmos kan udnyttes i matematik filosfiske regnemåder

bevise filosofi for dem

jeg mener staten kun bør vare tage politi og domstol og forsvaret~

alt andet bør foretages privat

og kan ligeså nemt fungerer der hvis der brug for den

hvis ikke overskud men nødvendig service

kan det løses på uendlige måder

en er sæt en fond op til det ^^


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